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Apple introduces Content Dispute system for the App Store

The App Store is not without its share of copycat apps. Often you will see developers trying to rip-off a successful app or game by having a similar name, icon or UI and try to benefit from someone else’s success.

For a long time, developers of popular apps could do little but watch copies of their app or game appear on the store. But now Apple has come up with a new Content Dispute system that might just put an end to this situation.

With the help of this new system, developers who feel their intellectual property has been infringed can now file a complaint with Apple by filling out a form. After that, Apple will put the developer in contact with the offending party and see if they can reach an agreement. If that doesn’t work, the developer can contact Apple’s legal team for further action.

This should hopefully reduce the number of copycat apps on the Store that confuse unknowing users and will also deter other developers from trying to create such apps that free ride on someone else’s success.



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