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Apple became the most valuable company in history [Update: nope]

With its shares’ price going past the $660 mark today, Apple reached a market capitalization of over $620 billion, thus becoming the most valuable company ever. The Cupertino based behemoth has taken the title from its rival Microsoft, which at one point was valued at $618.9 billion.

With the next generation iPhone and another iPad model lurking around the corner, we can reasonably expect Apple’s market capitalization to reach even bigger heights. So, don’t be surprised if you hear the $1 trillion market capitalization talk intensify even further.

Update: Well, reality had to come and intervene. The Columbia Journalism Review points out that if you adjust Microsoft’s 1999 market cap for inflation you get $856 billion. Then The Inquirer chimes in with this: Petrochina currently has a market cap of $722 billion.

Apple’s performance is amazing, no one is questioning that, but they still have some way to go if they want the “most valuable company” title (which in itself doesn’t mean all that much).

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