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Apple-approved iPhone video recording app makes it to the AppStore

For the first time in the AppStore history Apple approved an app, which truly extends the iPhone 2G and 3G functionality – yes, I’m talking about the video recording.

I won’t go on the way about how this precedent will help the future software development and approval, because I don’t believe it will make any change at all. In fact, taking in mind the capturing capabilities of the iVideoCamera – the “mind-blowing” 160×213 pixels at 3 fps – I believe that this is some kind of a nasty joke than anything else.

You read it right – it’s just three frames per second. At most! And the video quality is terrifying. I understand the app developers will extend the camcorder with future updates and try to improve resolution and frame rate, but it’s too late really. The unofficial Cycorder app has been available for quite some time now to jailbroken iPhones 2G and 3G. Cycorder offers 384×288@15 fps video recording, which is ways better than that joke in the AppStore. And most importantly – it’s free, while the iVideoCamera costs 99 cents.

I will never understand why Apple try so hard to keep their users from using some basic stuff such as themes and skinning, task manager, video recording or even some very simple functionality like sms character counter or delivery reports. I guess it’s just not the Apple way of things.


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