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Apple inviting select developers to test their apps directly on the Apple Watch

Apple may have announced the Apple Watch late last year but the company hasn’t really allowed anyone near the device until it’s expected launch next week. Except maybe for a few top developers.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has allowed a select few developers to test their upcoming Apple Watch applications on the device itself. This includes the likes of BMW, Facebook, and United Continental Holdings Inc.

Normally developers would just test their apps in an emulator and hope for the best until they actually get their hands on the device to optimize it further but Apple is allowing some developers access to the device itself to optimize their apps before the launch day.

Of course, this being Apple, the secrecy around the device is at an all time high, with the developers being made to visit the Apple headquarters and work under strict conditions. This, along with the non-disclosure agreements, includes no internet access inside the rooms, no outside materials allowed to test the watch and the developers should bring the source code of their applications on a hard drive, which then can’t leave the Apple headquarters once inside.

This level of confidentiality is not new for Apple but it’s rarely this severe after the announcement of the product. Apple is ensuring everything and as few details about the workings of the device reach the general public before the device hits the market.



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