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Another Apple iPad Air 2 dummy leaks

Another day another leak – an iPad Air 2 one in particular. We’re dealing with a dummy once again and it looks like we’ve seen this one already.

This time however the leaksters have been considerate enough to picture the dummy iPad Air 2 next to the current version like in that video we saw a recently.

Looking at the images, hoping they carry some credibility with them, we can safely say that the iPad Air 2 will retain the design of its predecessor and not jump on the rounded iPhone 6 design scheme.

Apple iPad Air 2 mockup

Another thing that seems certain is the inclusion of a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which seems a logical next step for Apple.

Apple iPad Air 2 mockup next to iPad Air

What makes us believe this device is a dummy is the lack of Apple logo and inscriptions on the back. The next-gen iPad Air looks like it will be thinner, though, which would put it at under 7 mm thickness.

Apple iPad Air 2 mockup next to iPad Air

Gone is the orientation switch of the current iPad Air and the volume buttons are recessed into some kind of cutout bed and don’t protrude. The speaker grilles on either side of the lightning port have a single row of micro-grilled holes instead of two – again in line with previous leaks.

Apple iPad Air 2 mockup next to iPad Air

While there’s nothing truly new in this leak it does make the previous ones even more credible. Still it’s wise to reserve some healthy dose of skepticism as the next iPad Air could prove to be nothing like the leaks – the same goes for the iPhone 6 dummies we’ve seen.

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