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Angry Birds Star Wars II now available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8

A few hours ago Rovio released the Angry Birds Star Wars II into the Android’s Play Store, Apple’s AppStore and Windows Phone Store. The games costs 99c, but you can have it for free on Android if you opt for the ad-supported version.

Angry Birds Star Wars II covers the events of the Star Wars prequel trilogy (Episode I, II and III), so the nostalgic fever we felt in the first game is now gone.

In Angry Birds Star Wars II you can play either on the Birds side of join the Pork side. The game mechanics are kept pretty much the same as in the first game, though Rovio has introduced some new elements such as the real-life Telepods. These are real toys made by Hasbro, which once purchased in real life, are available always for you to throw in the game.

You don’t need to buy those toys in order to play with their characters, of course. You can unlock them in the game with earned (or bought) tokens and you can use them a limited number of times. You can also opt to buy a character permanent use option in-game, but it will cost you a lot.

Anyway, if you are a regular gamer who likes to play Angry Birds occasionally, then you don’t have to buy anything except the game itself. And if you are on Android, you can skip even this purchase if you opt for the ad-supported free version.

Play Store (paid) | Play Store (free) | App Store | WP Store


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