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Angry Birds Rio passes 10 million downloads mark after just 10 days

People are flocking in to download Angry Birds Rio – 10 million did in the first 10 days since the game launched (it was exclusive at the Amazon Appstore for a day). That’s an impressive number indeed.

Rovio is going all out with cross promotion, they’re even going to put out a new Rio themed wallpaper out every day…

Angry Birds Rio is available for iOS and Android – iPhone and iPod users will can grab it for $0.99 or for $2.99 if they have an iPad. Android owners can get it from two places – the Android Market (free, ad-supported) or from the Amazon Appstore ($0.99, no ads).

The 10 million number takes into account both the iOS and the Android version and adds to the 100 million or so downloads of the game franchise in total.

Rovio will be publishing a new wallpaper every day for a week too – the first one is out already (used in the image above). You can grab it from here (iPhone/iPhone 4/iPad/computer versions are available).



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