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Angry Birds getting Easter edition, syncing feature and Windows Phone 7 port

Those birds are still angry, you know the ones I’m talking about. But it’s not because of lack of new content, features or platform support. Nope, Rovio is on top of that. Angry Birds will be celebrating a new Seasons edition soon, Easter, with 15 new levels. The birds will also be getting a syncing feature and will be landing on Windows Phone 7 in late May.

Easter should be a pretty important holiday for Angry Birds (what with all the eggs). We have some of the first screenshots. You bet there are a lot of birds, pigs (in bunny disguises) and a lot of dyed eggs.

Angry Birds Seasons Easter

As for the syncing feature, it will record your progress through the Angry Birds levels and you can pick the game up on another platform (Rovio says that all platforms will be supported) and continue from where you left off. It will serve as a backup too, in case you lose your phone.

Oh, and we finally we have a realistic date for the launch of Angry birds on Windows Phone 7. While presenting the upcoming new features of WP7, Joe Belfiore let it slip that Angry Birds will be launching on Microsoft’s new mobile OS on 25 May.

Here’s the video, where you can catch a glimpse of the game:

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