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Angry Birds Christmas edition hits iOS and Android, webOS next in the queue

The insanely popular physics-based mobile game Angry Birds is about to get a new version for this holiday season. The Angry Birds Christmas edition will hit iOS and Android in the following days, while its webOS version is a bug-fix away from availability.

The update will be free to all iPhone and iPad gamers who downloaded the one-dollar Halloween edition, as well as to Android users.

There is no mention of the fourth Angry-birds supporting platform at this stage – Symbian^3 – we do know however that both Symbian ^3 and iOS will be getting 15 new levels and the Mighty Eagle this December as well. Rovio also shares that the Mighty Eagle will be available as in-app purchase option and will cost 59p/79c/99c depending on the currency – GBP, EUR, and USD, respectively.

The promised Lite version of Angry birds meant for lower-range Android phones is also due for mid-December. Seems like the guys over at Rovio have got their hands full. I hope they deliver on all fronts.



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