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Android activations surpass 500 million, growth rate keeps increasing

Exactly one week ago, Google’s Eric Schmidt stepped on stage during Motorola’s On Display event and announced that Android activations had surpassed 480 million. He also confirmed that there were 1.3 million daily activations of new Android devices.

Yesterday, the director of product management for Android, Hugo Barra, confirmed that the platform has shot past the 500 million mark. This means that about 20 million new Android devices have been purchased over the past six days alone, or about 3.3 million per day.

Of course, this tripling of daily activations is highly unlikely and we’d guess Eric Schmidt’s data wasn’t current at the time of his announcement, but the growth rate is certainly increasing. And that’s even before all the new launches that are expected to happen over the next couple of months (Motorola’s lineup, the Note II, HTC’s new flagship etc.).

The Android platform is obviously in as good a shape as ever, but we have yet to see how it will fare once smartphones running the upcoming WP8 and iOS 6 arrive to the market.

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