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An overview of April Fools jokes part 2: Google, Motorola, SwiftKey

We continue the April Fools’ Day roundup of company jokes with another installment. As expected, there are plenty of pranks circulating the web and the social media channels.

Google has been among the most active and creative pranksters. In addition to the auto-photobombing feature we saw earlier today, the search giant introduced a slew of other jokes headed by Gmail shelfie.

As its name suggests, the feature allows you to create a Gmail theme using a selfie of yours.

Another version of AutoAwesome was also introduced. It is geared specifically towards job applicants’ resumes.

Following next is Google Play Signature Edition. It allows developers to bring a physical connection to the way they deliver their apps. Check out its promo video below.

An old staff favorite, Google Maps got the Pokemon treatment. The prank involves Pokemon-inspired augmented reality game. Here is its walkthrough video.

Google Chrome on the other hand has been taught to translate text to Emojis. Here it is.

The wildly popular Google Chromecast has joined the party too. It promises a new era of squirrel entertainment ahead of us.

Motorola updated the startup animation of the Moto X and the Moto G to mark the occasion.

Next in line is SwiftKey. The makers of the wildly popular Android keyboard “introduced” a new, more tactile product dubbed SwiftKey Flow Hard.

The makers of the popular video game Titanfall chipped in as well. They introduced none other but Optimus Prime as a character in their action-packed title.

Tell us which one you like the most by dropping us a line in the comments section.


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