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Amosu Couture unveils iPhone 4S color series, charges 1299 quid for it

There’s no denying that the Apple iPhone 4 is one of the hottest looking pieces of technology around. However there are a couple of issues with its design – first, it’s almost two years old now so it’s getting a bit boring, and second, the phone sold in millions, so you can’t stand out much carrying it as too many people have it.

Well, here comes Amosu Couture with a solution for both of these problems. The company, which specializes in luxurious customizing of smartphones announced the iPhone 4S color series.

Both the rear and the front panels of the iPhone 4S are painted in bright colors, converting the Apple latest smartphone in what Amosu calls a “radiant fashion statement”. We are not sure it’s a statement anyone above the age of 18 would want to make, but still.

If you are interested, you’ll be able to purchase the iPhone 4S color in Sunshine Yellow, Ocean Blue or Valley Green for £1299 immediately. You can also get another color on request and Amosu will even put your name or company logo on the back of the handset.



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