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The AMD Radeon R9 290X brings lots of bang for your bucks

AMD has just released its R9-series Radeon 290X graphics card with the clear intent to propel die-hard gamers on a budget to gaming Utopia.

How so? Well the R9 290X is a GPU has the potential to knock the already well established NVIDIA GeForce GTX780 out of its comfort zone while costing $100 less.

The Radeon R9 290X is built around a 28nm process, has 2816 stream processors and 4 gigs of Video RAM. The card costs $549, which is really cheap for this kind of performance. The trade off is that it’s louder than most higher-end graphic cards, gets really hot and is very power hungry.

However for the level of performance at this price we think gamers could easily live with that.

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