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AMD FX-9590 octa-core processor is the first to be officially clocked at 5GHz

AMD just claimed the title “First-Ever 5 GHz Processor” with its new FX-9590 based on the Piledriver architecture. That’s the official max frequency, not the work of an overclock-happy enthusiast. But the keyword is “max” – this is how fast the 9590 goes with Turbo Core 3.0 topped out and some of the cores powered off.

The FX-9590 packs an octa-core processor (four modules of two cores) and promises “new levels of gaming and multimedia performance” for the desktop.

AMD will also release a slower part – the FX-9570 – which goes up to “only” 4.7GHz (again, that’s the max Turbo Core frequency). The company is yet to announce the base frequencies of both models and the pricing (the current top octa-core is the FX-8350 at 4.0/4.2GHz for $195).

While the gigahertz race went out of fashion years ago, it’s still nice to see AMD putting up competition against Intel. Now we expect the benchmarks (this against the new Haswell chips should be interesting).

The FX-9590 and 9570 will initially be available for pre-built PCs in the summer, the chips will be sold separately later on.

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