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AMD Richland processor sets 8.2GHz record

The Finnish extreme over-clockers “The Stilt” have set a new world record for clock speed. Using the AMD A10-6800K Richland APU, the guys managed to reach 8.2 GHz clock speed.

The AMD flagship chip was mounted on an ASUS F2A85-V Pro board and with the help of liquid nitrogen, the enthusiasts managed to reach a voltage of 2,008 volts and resulted in a core clock speed of 8,000.48MHz with its bus clock reading 126.99MHz.

The Stilt also found out that in an experiment that an x87-fix would increase the performance quite significantly in SuperPi. Meanwhile, the Finnish over-clockers managed to break their own record when they succeeded to hit a clock speed of 8,203.01MHz with a liquid nitrogen cooling system and voltage of 1,968V

The 8.2 GHz clock speed was possible with a multiplier of 63 and 130.21 bus clock. Check out the source link below for the world rankings of the over-clockers league.

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