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Amazon Prime Now one-hour delivery is now available in London

Amazon’s revolutionary one-hour delivery service has finally landed in Europe. But, before you rush over to order new socks and make Amazon race your washing machine, there are quite a few notes to be made. Prime Now did indeed launch in the UK, but with a rather modest start. Not only is the service limited to London only, but also to just a few areas within the city. More are sure to come soon, but currently you need to check whether your post code is covered.

And even if you are among the select few who get to experience online shopping within the hour, outside the US, there are still some restrictions. Naturally, the service is only available to Amazon Prime users and is not a free service. Deliveries will set you back £6.99, but if that is too steep for you, the “sluggish” two-hour or same-day shipping option is free with a Prime account.

Also, the selection of items, eligible for the service is still quite limited and there is a £20 minimum, so these socks better be designer ones to make the whole thing worthwhile. All in all, the service currently looks more like a limited soak test than anything else. Still, if you manage to get every part of the recipe right, all you have to do is download a dedicated app (for Android or iOS), available at the source link and start the timer. Sadly, Amazon UK doesn’t employ drones, not yet at least, so a conventional delivery truck will drop your parcel over. Still, deliveries are made between 8am and midnight, including Sundays, so the service has the potential to possibly get you out of a sticky situation.

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