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Amazon now lets you negotiate prices with sellers

Today Amazon has unveiled a new feature for its customers. It’s called Make an Offer, and it basically lets you negotiate lower prices with Amazon sellers.

To start, you’re able to do this for “more than 150,000 items” in the Sports and Entertainment Collectibles, Collectible Coins, and Fine Art categories.

The new feature lets you submit a lower price than the listed one, and then start a negotiation with the seller. If he or she agrees to your price, then you instantly save compared to the list price. Otherwise, you can continue to negotiate until you reach some common ground. It’s important to note, however, that this is not an auction-type thing. All negotiations are carried out 1-to-1 and are private between you and the seller.

You can browse eligible items for Make an Offer at this page. Amazon promises to expand the new service to “hundreds of thousands of items” in 2015.

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