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Amazon won’t change its app store for the FTC

The Federal Trade commission has demanded that Amazon alter its app store policies, but the online retail giant refuses to do so.

Amazon is so adamant about not changing its policies, that the company is ready to battle it out with the FTC in court.

The primary grievance the FTC has with Amazon is with how it handles app store purchases. The FTC argues that it is too easy for children to make purchases in the Amazon App Store without the consent of their parents. Amazon argues that the security measures it enforces are sufficient to keep the kiddos from depleting mommy and daddy’s bank accounts.

The FTC expects Amazon to make inputting passwords necessary for in-app purchases, push notifications whenever an added charge is incurred or something is ordered, and making the refund process an easier endeavor. Similar requests were made of Apple a while back, after throngs of parents were irate over their children making tons of unauthorized purchases.

Amazon has retorted by saying that all customers who complained were quickly issued refunds, but one can only wonder how long the internet’s largest store will be able to battle the FTC. Apple eventually caved in; do you think that Amazon stands a chance?

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