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Amazon Appstore hits version 2.3, fixes notification issue

One of the most popular alternatives to the Google Play Store, the Amazon Appstore just got an update, bringing its version number to 2.3. Raising the initial download file size cap from 20MB to 50MB, the Amazon Appstore now matches what the original Android app repository has to offer.

Unfortunately, the Amazon store still has no support for secondary downloads – a feature which allows the Play Store to host apps up to 4GB in total size. On the other hand, the update finally solves the issue, where update notifications will pop up even if you have disabled the feature.

Adding extra functionality and improving user experience is great and everything, but what everyone really wants is Amazon getting rid of the US-only thing and make the Appstore more of a global offer. Only then will the repository will be able to attract more developers and become a proper Google Play competitor.



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