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Alleged second-gen Nexus 7 makes a short appearance in an official Google video

With Google denying us new device announcements at its I/O event, rumors surrounding the upcoming second-gen Nexus 7 were bound to heating up even more. Today a viginal redditor going by the nickname DangJuice has spotted an unusual looking Nexus 7.

The alleged updated Nexus tablet is starring in one of the developer panels at the Google I/O conference. As you can see from the screenshot above the tablet on the left doesn’t look like the current Nexus 7 tablet. Its edges are a bit tapered and the bezel surrounding the display looks smaller.

While nothing is confirmed, this look of the second-gen Nexus 7 aligns with the rumors we’ve got so far. The second-gen Nexus 7 is believed to pack a full HD display and a Qualcomm CPU.

Here’s the video where the allegedly upcoming Nexus 7 is shown (around the 38 minute mark).

What do you reckon? Could Google let the new Nexus 7 slip like that?



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