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Alcatel shows us what its very first smartwatch will look like

Last year, a lot of mobile device makers jumped into the smartwatch realm, and apparently in 2015 we can expect some more of that. Specifically, it looks like those companies that haven’t yet presented a smartwatch (or two) will do so soon. The honor of being first to do that this year goes to Alcatel.

That’s because what you can see in the image above is the Alcatel OneTouch Watch. TCL (the company behind the Alcatel brand) is obviously quite proud of it, since it decided to semi-announce it a few days before CES.

That doesn’t, however, mean that we get any details about it alongside the picture. Presumably every spec will be unveiled next week, but before then we can see that the Wave 2 comes with round touchscreen (but not perfectly round like the LG G Watch R, and more like the Moto 360). At least four strap options will be available.

Since Alcatel smartphones run Android, we assume that this watch will go with Android Wear, though that hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. The Chinese company did promise a “smart price” for the Wave 2 Watch, which is in line with our expectations, given that its other mobile wares are usually quite affordable.



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