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Alan Wake for PC now available on Steam for $29.99

After making PC gamers wait for nearly two years, the PC version of Alan Wake is finally here. You can now download the game exclusively from Steam right now for $29.99. For that price you get the game, Collector’s Edition DLC (free until February 23rd), developer commentary videos, illustrated PDF book, and the official soundtrack for the game.

The PC version of the game promises higher quality graphics compared to the Xbox 360 version, along with full support and optimization for a keyboard and mouse layout. The graphics settings are configurable, the game is optimized for quad-core CPUs and you can now even hide the HUD for a more immersive experience. It also works with AMD’s Eyefinity 3D 3-screen mode and Nvidia’s NVISION2 Stereoscopic 3D.

For those who aren’t aware, Alan Wake is a survival horror game where you play as a writer suffering from writer’s block. He is out with his wife on a vacation when she mysteriously disappears, along with the house they were staying in. After that things start getting worse, with events from Wake’s unfinished horror novel starting to occur around him. Your job is to help find Wake’s wife and find out what exactly is going on around you. Sounds interesting? It definitely is. Alan Wake is one of the creepiest games available for any platform and also features a very unique combat system. If you like action/adventure games with some horror and suspense thrown in for good measure, you are going to love Alan Wake. If nothing else, it will definitely serve as a respite from your usual war-based shooters and RPGs.



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