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Adobe updates its Creative Cloud for desktop by adding new sharing capabilities

Adobe has outed a new update to its Creative Cloud family that not only brings new features to popular programs like Photoshop CC, but also adds new cloud-based sharing services.

These include curated content selections for user-created brushes and vectors, as well as workflow optimizations for designers and developers.

Highlights for the CC suite programs include:

  • Touch support on Windows 8 devices for key design applications
  • New 3D print features and enhanced Mercury Graphics Engine performance for Photoshop CC
  • A new Curvature tool in Illustrator CC
  • Interactive EPUB support in InDesign CC
  • SVG and Synchronized Text support in Muse CC
  • GPU-optimized playback for viewing high resolution 4K and UltraHD footage in Premiere Pro CC
  • HiDPI and new 3D support in After Effects CC

More significant are the new CC sharing services introduced. Creative Cloud Market is a collection of images, brushes, and shapes, which are freely accessible to Creative Cloud members. Creative Cloud Libraries lets multiple CC apps share assets and resources, while Creative Cloud Extract lets web designers and developers share them across multiple project instances – even to mobile platforms.

The new updates and CC sharing services are free additions and will automatically be available to users with existing Creative Cloud subscriptions. Go here for more info on Adobe Creative Cloud.



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