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Adobe has a go at Apple about missing Flash support on the iPad

That is the problem of having each of your products generate so much hype – when it doesn’t live up to the expectations, it leaves quite a lot more people disappointed and frustrated. The Apple iPad is certainly a cool gadget in isolation but it is still struggling to find its place under the sun. And here comes Adobe to rain on its parade once again.

According to Adrian Ludwig from Adobe, the iPad won’t be able to access over 70 percent of the games and over 75 percent of the videos available online due to its missing Flash support. Not mention lot’s of other Flash content and even some entirely Flash-based websites that are an absolute no-go for the iPad as things stand now.

Considering that the iPad hadware is best suited for nothing else but web-browser the missing Flash support is certainly inexplicable. Of course 90 percent of the pages will work fine without it but what happens to the other 10 percent? Does Steve think that users should get another device for browsing them? You know, something to fit between the laptops and the iPad that he might announce in two years or so?

Last time around it was the hardware of the iPhone that couldn’t support the Adobe Flash (even though it was no problem for Nokia N900, which uses the same CPU) but I cannot see any reason for its absence now. Or am I missing something?



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