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Adobe Flash player 10.3 beta now available for download

The new Adobe Flash player 10.3 is now official for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s still in beta form but nonetheless you can go and check it out pronto, should you be interested.

It brings along some enhanced privacy protection features including integration with browser privacy control for local storage, Native Control Panel and Auto-Update Notification for Mac OS, the latter being long overdue.

Two other new features of the Adobe Flash player 10.3 are the Acoustic Echo Cancellation fro improved voice communication and the Media Measurement, which allows tracking and recording consistent Flash video analytics.

Users can test the new beta and give feedback to Adobe. Also developers can give the 10.3 version a spin to check out compatibility with platforms and the overall usability of the release.

Adobe went on saying that version 10.3 of their Flash will soon hit mobile devices soon and the Air and Air SDK will soon be available for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Check out the Source link below if you want to get on the 10.3 action.



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