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Acer releases AMD-powered 10.1-inch Windows 7 tablet with built-in 3G

Acer are surely taking the tablet game seriously. After the two Android-running slates we saw earlier, we are now getting one with a proper OS. Acer are not giving away the name of this one either, but they confirm that it has a 10.1-inch screen, runs Windows 7 and is powered by some AMD chip (could it be the Zacate E-530?).

The Acer Windows 7 tablet measures just 15mm of thickness and weighs under 2.2 pounds. It has a 1.3 megapixel cameras on its front and has built-in WiFi and 3G radios.

Acer Windows 7 tabletAcer Windows 7 tablet

The rest of the specs sheet of the Acer new tablet is still unknown (including the rather important details like screen resolution, storage space and price), but the device should hit the shelves in February so they should be cleared out soon enough.



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