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You can now use a PS4 pad wirelessly with your PS3

For the longest time, Sony has adopted an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” ideology when it came to its dual-shock Playstation controller. The iconic remote hadn’t had a major design overhaul since its debut in 1997, until the Dual-shock 4 was released.

PS4′s gamepad managed to improve (for many) on an already beloved design, and if you wished you could use Sony’s newest controller on a Playstation 3 wirelessly, then you’re in luck, because now you can.

Previously, whenever you wanted to use the PS4 remote on the Playstation’s Triple, you’d have to connect the pad via USB cable. But thanks to the latest firmware update on the PS3, Sony has enabled wireless support for its latest and greatest controller.

There are some caveats, however. Don’t think you’ll be getting motion detection or vibration feedback while you’re playing on your shiny (actually, it’s matte) new controller. There are some games that may not be compatible with the wireless function, so don’t throw a fit if it doesn’t work with a particular title; it’s Sony’s fault and your controller is most likely not broken.

Are you excited to use your PS4 remote on your older system? If it’s something that floats your boat, hit the source link below to see how to set it up. Or have you ditched last-gen the second you nabbed your PS4?

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