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3G-enabled Asus Transformer priced in Europe, starts at €500

Asus has just spilled the beans of the pricing of the 3G-enabled version of their Transformer tablet. The Taiwanese company will charge you an extra €100 for the SIM card slot of the popular Android slate with an optional keyboard.

So the 16GB Transformer with 3G connectivity will set you back €500, while a 32GB unit will go for €600. Seeing that the Transformer was somewhat cheaper than most of its competitors, we were hoping that Asus won’t stick to the usual practice and demand €100 for the network connectivity, but alas.

Anyway, at €500 the 4G Transformer still seems to provide decent value with its IPS screen and Tegra 2 chipset. And if you are willing to part with another €100 you will also be able to secure that sweet keyboard that turns it into a proper netbook replacement.

Now how about someone gives us an exact release date?



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