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Windows 7 and Mac OS X step on the Ch-48 Chrome netbook

It is possible to install a different OS on the Chrome netbook after all. Of course, it’s not something easy and you will need to do some hard work, but in the end you can enjoy some Windows 7 or Mac OS X love on your Cr-48.

The first step in the process is to install Linux and then re-flash the Google custom BIOS with a stock Intel one. Then you will be able to install Windows or Snow Leopard the usual way.

If you are a Ch-48 owner and decide to jump into the Windows 7 world (Ultimate version), then you should know after the installation is complete, you’ll have 2GB free space on your drive at best.

The only thing that’s not working under Windows 7 is the 3G modem, while Mac OS X still doesn’t have a hardware video acceleration.

Here you can find a guide how to flash your BIOS.


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