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Viber surpasses 50 million users

Viber, the free application that allows you to make voice calls and send text messages to other users free of charge via 3G or Wi-Fi, has hit the 50 million user milestone.

Viber users put out some 150 million calls and almost a billion text messages per month, giving other competing services like Skype and Vonage a run for their money. Like its competitors, Viber also boasts superior sound quality when compared to regular calls, as well as the ability to place calls to any of its users, worldwide.

While those numbers are certainly impressive, how many subscribers realistically use Viber on a regular basis? Doing some quick math, we can see that on average Viber users make about 3 calls per month, which suggests that not all users are active in regards to voice calls. However, with nearly a billion text messages monthly, you can tell Viber users really dig sending out those texts. Tack on another 20 million photo messages, and you get some pretty impressive totals. It’s a nice result given Viber enabled messages a bit late late and hit a rather stiff competition from apps such as WhatsApp, etc

Viber claims that it has users in 193 countries, with 200,000 new signups daily. If you would like to join the 50 million, check out Viber for Android or iOS.

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