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Time lapse video shot with Nokia 808 PureView is gorgeous, shows off its zoom capabilities

Nokia released a new video shot with their 808 PureView monster of a cameraphone and it’s awesome. It’s a time-lapse video shot in South Africa and it really highlights the power of the creative mode feature – the mode that uses oversampling to improve quality and allow for lossless digital zoom.

Check out the video after the break, just make sure to view it in 1080p and in fullscreen so you can enjoy it in its full shine.

The video was shot using the Nokia 808 PureView’s built-in time-lapse tool with intervals of 5s and 30s. Shot in 16:9 aspect, the photos use a 34MP chunk of the sensor to create a lower-resolution, but higher quality image – and allows for the impressive zoom that you see in the video.

You can read more about the PureView sensor here, if you’re wondering why 34MP instead of the full 41MP are used.

By the way, we’ve seen photos from the same trip to South Africa before (the climber).

Thanks to KF for the tip!



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