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Swype v3.0 Beta is now available, it is now tablet friendly too [VIDEO]

As one of the most popular virtual keyboards for Android to date, Swype deserves a lot of attention for the release of its v3.0 beta today. It looks like the already successful Android keyboard is bound to take its popularity to the next level with the addition of support for Honeycomb tablets.

Among the other new features of the third version of the virtual keyboard are the Tap Correction and Horizontal Word Choice list. Rather than try and explain what the above functions do, I have found a neat video which will do this for me. You will also be able to see how nicely it is to Swype text on the large screen of a tablet in the video as well. Check it out below:

Nice, isn’t it? If interested, hit the source link below for download instructions. You can also tell us how you like it in the comments section below.



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