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Sony unveils Exmor RS CMOS sensor for phones and tablets, does HDR video

Sony has unveiled a new line of Exmor sensors, the stacked CMOS dubbed RS, meant for use in cameraphones and slates.

Expected to arrive in October the Exmor RS will come in two 8 MP and one 13 MP flavors.

The Exmor RS is a back-side illuminated sensor, which means it allows more light to get through and thus improve low-light performance. It’s also stacked, meaning it packs more into less space to enable manufacturers to make slimmer phones with good optics.

Speaking of optics Sony has prepped new brighter f/2.2 lenses to go along with the new Exmor RS sensor. The new module will also be capable of capturing HDR video if supplied with enough processing power.

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