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Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 10.1 in India for a hefty price, calls it the Galaxy Note 800

Samsung has launched its latest Android based tablet, the Galaxy Note 10.1, in India. As usual for Samsung, they have changed the name of the tablet to Galaxy Note 800 for the Indian market.

Other than the name, the Galaxy Note 800 is identical to the model sold internationally. However, it does come with a very hefty price tag. Samsung is selling the Note 800 in India for ₹39,900, which is approximately $720, an enormous $221 more than the international model that sells for $499.

In comparison, the new iPad starts at ₹30,500 ($548) for the base 16GB Wi-Fi only model and ₹38,900 ($699) for the base 16GB 3G model. Having said that, Samsung does enjoy tremendous presence and brand value in Asian markets such as India compared to Apple, so it may help offset the high price tag to some extent.

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