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Samsung Gear Fit won’t be running Tizen or Android

We know that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will be powered by Tizen (Samsung’s proprietary OS), as opposed to Android, which was the software of choice for the first Galaxy Gear.

But what about the Gear Fit, Samsung’s health tracking wearable? It turns out the device won’t be using either of these options. So what will power the Gear Fit’s software? Hit the jump below to find out.

Samsung has opted to use a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). The benefits of using an RTOS over an OS like Android or Tizen is that the RTOS uses a set of predetermined, simple tasks that are able to be executed without delay. Because of its simplicity, the RTOS should allow the Gear Fit to last three or four days off of a single charge.

So what is the downside of implementing an RTOS for the Gear Fit? Well, this means that software developers won’t be allowed to tinker with the device or develop any applications for it. The Gear Fit will only count your steps, monitor your heart rate, and other health-related features.

Would the lack of software development dissuade you from purchasing a Gear Fit? Or do you just want a fitness and health monitor, and don’t care if you can play Angry Birds on your wrist?



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