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Sailfish OS ported to Nokia N9, demoed on video

Jolla’s upcoming mobile OS Sailfish debuted on the company’s first smartphone earlier last month in Finland, and has yet to see a global rollout.

Meanwhile, the Sailfish community has been hard at work on improving the OS, and some clever developers have been able to get it to work on the Nokia N9.

The following video shows off the community port of Sailfish on the N9:

Since it’s an unofficial port, there’s a fair share of things not working, including the camera and GPS, time and date not working, as well as Android compatibility. There’s a good amount of bugs that need to be ironed out as well.

If you’ve got a Nokia N9 lying around and want to give Sailfish a try, full install instructions are available in the description of the video. Keep in mind that the build is highly experimental, and you should always take care when flashing custom ROMs.

Meanwhile, the Jolla phone running Sailfish is currently on preorder on Jolla’s own site, but the Finnish company has promised a global rollout in some 135 countries this month, as well as the option for Android users to sideload the OS onto their devices.

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