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Nokia will package wireless charging dock with Lumia 930

So wireless charging has existed for quite some time, but doesn’t seem to have caught on as well as manufacturers would like.

Nokia’s decided to do something about it, and will be including wireless charging units with their Lumia 930 smartphone.

The Lumia 930, just like the 920, has qi wireless charging built right into the handset. By packaging a free charging dock with the 930, Nokia is most likely hoping to establish qi inductive charging as the US standard as a wireless charging solution.

Qi does have a competitor in PMA, which is the technology that the Nokia 1520 is currently using, so it does have a rival in the no-cable charging game.

With this strategy it seems that Nokia is certainly making the right move in having users become more adapted to using wireless charging technology. Having to buy add-ons and accessories can certainly be a pain (which is probably why it hasn’t caught on that much), but by giving away the feature (free is always enticing, after all) they are definitely adapting the right strategy. And who knows? They might just make qi the dominant player in the wireless charging game after all.



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