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New Samsung video showcases the extent of notebook stress testing

We’ve seen similar videos from its phone division, but now Samsung chose to demonstrate just how seriously in takes build quality for its notebooks. The clip shows extensive torture testing done at a massive industrial scale. The horrors these computers are put through are enough to make any tech geek weep, but it is all for the greater good! Still, we wouldn’t blame you if you look away.

Samsung really seems to be extensive in its stress tests. The video shows quite a few, highly-sophisticated and entirely automated test rigs toying away over unfortunate Samsung Series or Samsung ATIV Book ultrabooks.

All bases are covered – there is a repeated compression test, to see what happens when you carelessly pile things on top of the PC. And if that isn’t enough, Samsung is also testing the effects of twisting and impact, both of a foreign object to the laptop shell and the more-common gravity-driven encounter with the ground.

And just to cover all possible scenarios – units are also exposed to unfavorable conditions, such as extreme temperature and humidity. But, normal everyday usage and operation are just as important, so Samsung makes sure to monitor things like heat dissipation patterns and noise levels, as well. The video is definitely worth checking out, as most of us rarely think of the long process a gadget goes through just to make it to our home or pocket and torturing a few innocent units along the way is a small, but crucial step of it all.

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