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New Opera Mini update for Windows Phone brigs a fresh GUI

Opera Mini has been around of Windows phone devices, since September 2014, so quite some time has passed. The browser is still in beta, but a brand new update signifies that development is still active on the project.

The new version comes with a total redesign of the user interface. Everything looks slicker and feels smoother. The update does not come with a detailed change log, so there might be some more improvements hidden away, under the fresh new exterior.

The mini version of Opera has gone a long way since its rudimentary roots on the Java ME runtime, back in 2005. It has grown into an amazingly cross-platform project and now has versions for Android, Bada, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Java ME, Symbian-UIQ3, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone (beta) and even Zeebo. Naturally, features differ from release to release and OS to OS, but Opera Mini is now offers a quite rich and pleasant browsing experience.

Opera Mini for Windows Phone comes with tabs, speed dial and downloads, all features we have grown accustomed to, but the fact they are present in a 3MB application is a veritable achievement by itself. The browser also comes with the added benefit of Opera’s own bandwidth reduction technology and webpage compression, so you can go easy on your data plan.

Opera Mini for Windows Phone version, can be picked up today from the Windows Phone store.

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