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LG and Harman/Kardon team up for a Bluetooth Headset

LG has collaborated with Harman/Kardon to bring you a Bluetooth headset that promises a premium listening experience: the LG Tone Infinim.

The device has the looks to match as well, hit the jump to learn more about this upcoming behind-the-neck headset.

The Infinim boasts the longest standby battery time for a headset in its class: 550 hours (it packs a 220mAh unit). It has a 17 hour talk time and can give you 14 hours of continuous media playback, a jog button that helps you to more easily fast forward and rewind through songs, and sound and vibrate functions so you can hear incoming messages and calls.

Design wise the headset comes in a glossy silver finish and sports a sleek curved design. It should be available in other colors as well, but for now silver is all you get. LG has also packed a retractable cord with the Infinim, so you won’t have dangling wires hanging around your neck while you rock out.

The Tone Infinim will be available worldwide this summer; no specific date has been announced yet. Will you be picking one of these bad boys up? Or are there other wireless headphones that you have your eyes on instead?



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