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LG G4 concept looks mighty cool

With a rumored announcement in April, the LG G4 is the next big-name flagship to come this year. Inspired by intensifying leaks, designer Ivo Maric headed for the drawing board and came up with a very appealing concept of how the upcoming high-end smartphone might look.

Consensus so far is reached over at the rumor mill, that the G4 will not sport a metal body, and that will be reserved for an even more premium model. But if any of those ends up as hot as these renders, we’re all for it!

The concept design features a slight curve on the display, think of a toned-down version of the LG G Flex2. Bezels are kept to a minimum, but that’s not really news, as the LG G3 was already strong on screen-to-body ratio.

The back is made of leather, which is hardly the most durable solution for a non-replaceable panel, but one thing’s for sure – it looks classy and sophisticated. A sleek metal frame surrounds the entire smartphone, completing the high-end appearance.

The camera and controls cluster is the only straight element, continuing over a line, tangent to the back curve. Obviously, fitting an entire camera assembly in the thin curved body would be a tough engineering feat, hence the protrusion.

It’s not very likely that the LG G4 will look exactly like this concept, and we’re most doubtful about the leather back. The rest looks pretty awesome though, and we hope that LG’s design team is on the same page.



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