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LG AKA hands-on

LG AKA is an extraordinary smartphone and in a good way. Its key feature is the front mask, which allows the AKA to use its signature feature – the eyes. At first we thought about Tamagotchi, but the AKA isn’t a pet you need to look after. Each of the four AKAs has different personality, but they have one purpose only – to notify you about missed events in a cool way.

Outside the notifying eyes and front mask, the AKA is no different than the LG G2 mini. It’s a well-build phone with the iconic rear control deck and the premium laser-assisted auto-focus LG’s proud of. The rest is rather unimpressive – a 5″ 720p display and a dated Snapdragon 400 chip with 1.5GB of RAM.

We got the pink AKA, which has the lovely YoYo personality. In case you get tired of it, you need to buy a new combo package of rear cover and front mask, then AKA will automatically switch personalities.


Here is our hands-on video.

Our review is already in the works and should be live by the end of next week. Here is a spoiler for you – the battery life is very good. Tune in next week for more!


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