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iPhone 4S dual antennas solve antennagate issue, Bumpers no longer required to make calls

When Apple announced the iPhone 4S, one of the features they mentioned in the keynote was the new antenna system. The antenna system on the iPhone 4 caused a lot of controversy last year due to its failure to hold on to the network when the gap on the side was bridged by your hand, a very likely scenario. Apple’s solution to this was to provide free Bumper cases, a change in the network signal bar algorithm and a suggestion to hold the phone differently.

With the iPhone 4S, Apple changed the antenna system. It now has two antennas and it can automatically switch between them, even during a call, to ensure the phone remains connected regardless of how you hold it. But has it worked? Let’s find out.

The following video has been taken by, where they take an iPhone 4S and and iPhone 4 running on AT&T’s network and see if the iPhone 4S suffers from the same antennagate problem as the iPhone 4.

As you can see, it does not, which means the dual antenna system is doing its job. We have one more video here, this time from TechnoBuffalo, who performed the same test and got similar results.

So now with the antennagate problem behind us, we can now concentrate on other things, like the batterygate problem people are talking about. We’ll be doing a full review of the iPhone 4S soon and will keep you posted about any batterygate, cameragate or anyothergate that the new iPhone 4S might be suffering from.


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