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Intel hasn’t given up on MeeGo, looking for a partner in developing the OS

The reports of MeeGo’s death are greatly exaggerated says Intel’s Vice President, Doug Fisher. And he should know – he’s also the General Manager of Intel’s System Software Solutions.

Fisher also said that “nothing is changing” and reiterated Intel’s commitment to MeeGo. So, MeeGo fans can breathe a sigh of relief, the second backer of the OS isn’t pulling out like the first one did.

But another quote from Fisher suggests that Intel would love it if someone took Nokia’s place:

“We will continue with development. It’s just a question of who is going to help us shape that.”

Samsung was rumored to be interested in buying MeeGo, but neither they nor Intel commented on that. This rumor wasn’t shot down as definitively as the Samsung buying WebOS rumor, but it doesn’t sound like an Intel-Samsung collaboration on MeeGo is likely either.

MeeGo isn’t just a smartphone OS either – it’s meant to power anything from laptops to car infotainment systems. But despite those, I haven’t heard of any new MeeGo products recently.

So, I guess the question is will Intel find a partner to start pumping out MeeGo-powered gadgets of all shapes and sizes?

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