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Has your iPhone 5 or 5c developed a battery drain issue on iOS7? Some of ours have

Several people in the office along with some of our friends and family experienced a sudden battery drain on their iPhone 5 phones after the iOS 7 update and we noticed the same thing happen to the iPhone 5c (which has virtually the same internals as the iPhone 5). The iPhone 5s has not developed such a problem though.

It’s not just us, people have complained on the Internet that they’ve had the same issue with their iPhone 5/5c units.

Here’s what happens – the phones were at 70+ percent charge in the evening and the battery was completely flat in the morning. This is for iPhone 5 units bought at different times from different places and the iPhone 5c review unit (in the middle of our battery test too, so we have to repeat it now). The worst case has to be when an iPhone 5 battery was getting drained while the phone was hooked up to a charger.

We managed to catch one iPhone 5 just in time – it was at 10% and it felt hot to the touch, so the chipset had been working intensively. It must have been a bug in a background process as restarting the phone fixed the issue.

We wish iOS 7 included Android’s extensive battery info – when an Android phone pulls the flat battery in the morning trick, it’s easy to see which app held the wakelock for hours, keeping the chipset from going to sleep.

We have to say we’ve seen something else happen since the iOS 7 update. A couple of iPhone 5 units that would either drop calls or completely lose cellular network connection when running iOS 6, are now doing perfectly fine under iOS 7. Not that it’s a too great tradeoff or anything.

Have you experienced anything like that on your iPhone since updating to iOS 7?


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