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Google is getting so good that it can answer your questions before you type them

Not many technologies can boast turning into every day, household terms and even the select few that can are nowhere near as revolutionary as Google’s world changing search platform. This one-of-a-kind information hub that drives most of today’s online traffic is constantly getting better at what it does and is receiving a lot of much-deserved care and attention by users and developers alike.

A new update to Google search now delivers answers so fast that it is kind of creepy. The concept is simple enough – if Google can give you a concise and definite answer as you type your question, why wait for you to do so? It does precisely this and quickly appends short answers straight into the suggestion interface as you type.

Currently, the new feature has been spotted returning mostly dates, but, logic dictates that it could very well be used for other short answers as well. Google is constantly looking for ways to aggregate and present information in more convenient and user-friendly ways. This is the main reason Info Cards were developed, but, this takes things to a whole new level of snappiness.

Users have been reporting seeing the new answer-type suggestions in Chrome, as well as Google apps for Android and iOS. If the system proves handy, a mass rollout is sure to follow pretty soon.



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