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Google + gets a redesigned stream, a Hangout application and 41 other new features

Google+ has been one of the services that got a major update following the Google I/O keynote speech today. The social network now has a redesigned UI with a new stream, which is all about design and depth. Google has taken the multi-column design from the mobile devices and has brought it to the desktop, making the interface beautiful and dynamic.

The photos and videos in the design span multiple columns that are fast, fluid and fun. Google has also introduced delightful animations throughout its new design.

Furthermore, Google has introduced related hash tags, where Google+ analyses the content of the post and will put on the appropriate hash tags automatically. The social network will also show related items from key sources as well as your own contacts.

In addition from the redesigned interface, Google has introduced “Hangouts”, a product that is about conversations that last with people you love. Google Hangout application allows you to initiate a cross-platform chat or a video call with a single tap.

Learn more about the features of Google Hangout in the below video:

Google Hangout also has the ability to save the conversations, till you eventually delete it or turn history off. The app allows you to see the people as they join a chat window and as they are typing, they animate out and you also see when someone has read your message. Google Hangouts also offers group video as no extra charge.

The Google Hangout app will be available for desktop computers (with a web interface), Android and iOS, starting from today.


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