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Google created a special tablet for use in Ebola treatment centers

Treatment centers for airborne diseases such as Ebola are no joke. Everything is locked down and the doctors and scientists working on the patients have to wear special suits and there is a strict control of objects getting in and leaving the center.

As such, it is difficult to communicate with people outside the center. One such center in Magburaka, Sierra Leone had a problem, where the doctors had to shout off information from a piece of paper and then destroy the paper. This is when Google stepped in and created a one-off devices specifically meant to be used in this environment.

The tablet is encased in a polycarbonate shell, which can be doused in chlorine and then taken out of the facility safely. It had wireless communication with a local server that runs on batteries, that enables communications between people inside and outside the high-risk zone, even in places where there is no communication network otherwise.

There is not much else known about this device and it was pretty much built to be used in this specific scenario, but hopefully Google can start producing more of these to be used in similar high-risk environments.



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