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Google allows preinstalling Waze app on Android devices

While most handset makers are reducing the pre-installed ‘bloatware’ on the Android devices, Google has added the social traffic and navigation app – Waze in the basket of Google Mobile Services (GMS). Now handset makers will be able to pre-install the Waze app as part of the GMS bundle on the newly sold Android devices.

Waze provides smart navigation solution to its users thanks to the crowd-sourced data collected by those very users. The data includes traffic conditions, road obstacles, or even police traps and is seeded to users in real time through the app. Soon, the handset makers will have the option to pre-load Waze along with other Google apps to new Andoird devices.

We have to note that Waze is a separate app from Google Maps. The company behind the Waze app was acquired by Google a while ago.



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