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Garmin unveils Egde 20 and Edge 25 GPS cycling companions

Garmin has added two new gadgets to it rich device collection. The Garmin Edge 20 and 25 both fall under the category of bike or cycling computers and, although, they could easily be mistaken for a wearable, the devices are pretty tailor made and specifically geared towards bike usage.

Both are GPS and GLONASS enabled so you can track your rides, as well as set routes for yourself. The small devices also record time, distance, elevation and speed by default and can also be set-up with additional sensors for heart rate and cadence.

They are also made to be durable and take quite a bit of abuse. Water is not issue, as well as dust and mud, which the tracker is inevitable going to encounter on an off-road journey. The display on the tracker is monochrome with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels and ideal for viewing under direct light.

The only real difference between the pair is the increased level of connectivity on the Edge 25 model. It has Bluetooth on board, which not only allows it to connect to external sensors, like heart-rate and cadence, but can also be used to sync with a smartphone. This enables a few connected features, like the ability to upload and share data online and LiveTrack that lets your friend follow your ride in real time.

The Edge 20 has a price tag of $129.99 and its more-advanced sibling goes for $169.99. You can also pick up an Edge 25 bundle with a cadence sensor for $199.99.

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